My London Journal

My London Journal
View from Westminster Abbey

Friday, 10 August 2007

July 22: Leave for Edinburgh, Scotland

We were all very ready for our next adventure---Scotland! We were thrilled to find that we would be riding in a first class bus---cushy comfort with movies! Our tour guide pointed out several landscapes as we rode through the gorgeous English countryside. We clamoured out of the bus at the sign announcing our entrance into Scotland and several of us took advantage of the photo op.

The view that opened up soon after was one of those wonderful surprises. To our right, we were suddenly next to the sea!

When we got to Edinburgh, we were given our room assignments and were delighted to find very nice dorm rooms. They were large, clean and very convenient. We had to share bathrooms, but there were two available on each wing, so it wasn't a problem. Unfortunately, the rooms were not very sound-proof, so every time someone came through the doors to the floor, the boom echoed through to our rooms. Most of the noise, however, was due to some young American kids who thought their main function on their trip was to party. They were very annoying ---- and embarrassing because they were American.

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