My London Journal

My London Journal
View from Westminster Abbey

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Aug. 3: Guildhall Library

We met for breakfast to celebrate Mandy's birthday (same exact age as my son, Tim!) and Kathy's new job! Yummy breakfast treats thanks to Dr. Welsh and Ms. Wright!

We then travelled to the Guildhall Library, known for its collection on London history. According to our guide (and/or the library's brochure), the Guildhall Library is one of the two specialist reference libraries in the City of London Libraries system, but has no membership requirements. Because of it's vast collection of records, it is often used by genealogists. It also offers a print service that takes orders for specific printed materials. The library is also the location of the Clockmakers' Museum. Once again, we ended our tour at the gift shop!

In the evening, Kathy W. and I took in Mamma Mia!

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