My London Journal

My London Journal
View from Westminster Abbey

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Lasting Impressions

I've been home for two weeks and it is still hard to believe I spent a whole month in London, England! I went back to work at my school the morning after I got back, so my jetlag lasted almost a whole week. I kept waking up at 2 a.m. ready for the day!

I'm still boring people with stories of what I saw and learned. Mostly, they've been good-naturedly jealous. When classes visit the library, I've been sharing some of the things I've brought back, especially the new Harry Potter book and the story of being at Waterstones at Charing Cross the night it came out.

Besides all the wonderful things we saw and experienced, my greatest memories will be of the people that shared this adventure with me. Though all librarians, we each brought something unique to this trip, whether it was a passion for a certain author (or a scientist named Linnaeus!), a love of British history, a search for family roots, a tribute to someone precious to us, a spirit of adventure---we all had a dream, just as we were told by our instructors, that brought us to London. Mine was wrapped in images from books and movies and inspired by the knowledge of a British heritage. London did not disappoint.

It was also wonderful to finally get to meet some of my teachers after three years in the USM program. I feel much more connected to Hattiesburg now that I have met some of students and professors from there.

I took this trip because, with the wisdom gained with age, I was determined to not pass up a great opportunity. I did not want it to be one of my life-long regrets. I learned not only to trust that instinct, but to be ready for the next great opportunity and to turn a deaf ear to all the "but what if's" that will rear their ugly heads when I decide to follow another dream. So, I guess I will end this journal with---Where to next??


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