My London Journal

My London Journal
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Saturday, 4 August 2007

July 25: Research trip to Edinburgh Public Library and National Gallery of Art

After lunch, Nancy L and I visited the nearby Edinburgh Public Library, starting with the Children's Library building. Though we interrupted the librarians who were working on finishing something for a deadline, they were so gracious. The clerks talked with us about library services and gave us a packet of the summer reading promotions.

Public Library--while Nancy looked over the collection, I sat by a cart of children's books near the front door and read through several. There were several written in two languages, not the English/Spanish books I am used to, but several different languages, revealing the diversity of the Edinburgh population and the library's attempt to meet its needs.

Nancy and I then decided to go to the National Galleries. This was a wonderful art gallery, which I especially enjoyed because its collection was not so huge that it created "art overload." We were thrilled to see paintings by Raphael, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Botticelli. We knew we had enough when we got the giggles over what was a shocking portrait to our Puritanical American tastes. But being the patrons of the arts that we are, we supported the gallery by having lunch at their rather expensive and very busy cafe and purchasing several things from the gift shop.

We had just enough energy left to walk back to the dorm.

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